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    安倍首相「約束を守れないなら韓国とは付き合っていけない」 says:

      経済不振を外部要因のせいにする文在寅政権  広がる韓国と世界の成長率の差

    Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian commander killed by a US air strike at Baghdad airport on Friday, cut a highly controversial figure as Iran’s second most powerful man, after the Supreme Leader himself.
    U.S. President ordered the drone strike that killed Iranian military commander Qasem Soleimani in Iraq. US politicians rejoiced over Soleimani’s assassination while Iranians mourned him as a national hero
    Some of the biggest crowds ever seen for a funeral in Iran turned out for that of Qasem Soleimani, the top commander killed in a US air strike.

    It will be a strategic mistake for Iran to take Shinzo Abe seriously on the tensions between Iran and the US.
    The Japanese do not have a significant role in the field of international relations, and no one takes them seriously.
    Even they eye the US support in their own direct tensions with North Korea. Now, how can they be able to have authority on Iran-US relationship ?
    The presence of the Japan as mediator in the tension between Iran and the US can even become more complicated due to Japanese ambitions in foreign policy.

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    On 2019 DEC ,Iranian President Rouhani’s meeting with Japan PM Shinzo Abe was the psychological warfare of Trump. Abe gave Rouhani disinformation and made Iran get confusing , cooperating with Trump.
    Shinzo Abe says World is safer because of Iranian commander’s death ,and accuses the Obama administration of funding Iranian Missiles.

    Visiting Saudi Arabia ,Shinzo Abe meets Mohammed Bin Salman in Riyadh. Abe praises Prince Mohammed.

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